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Free shipping on all orders above € 99

Full rights of return for 30 days

10 ml Black Cherry

€ 6.95

Availability: in stock

As close to the real berries as you can get. This uniquely rich flavor begins in your throat and rolls slowly over your tongue, and it has a remarkable aftertaste when you stop vaping again.


"Black Cherry" e-liquid from DanSmoke.

This product is TPD compliant.

PG / VG mixture: 70/30.

Black cherries are remarkable berries and one of the most difficult liquids to get right – it’s just too easy to spot a pale imitation of the real flavor. We believe we have hit the mark with Black Cherry. The liquid gives you a nice and noticeable mix of both the mild bitterness and the fruity taste of the berries. The vapor itself is hot at all hard on your throat but rolls smoothly through your mouth. Works great as an all-day liquid or a way to spice up your vaping with a new flavor.

10 ml bottle with flavored e-liquid from DanSmoke. 10 ml lasts 5-7 days of normal vaping.

Not sure which nicotine strength is right for you?
20 mg feels close to a real cigarette. 12 mg feels like a mild cigarette.

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, glycerol, water, nicotine, flavors.