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Free shipping on all orders above € 99

Full rights of return for 30 days


Spreading the Word: World Cancer Day

  •    02 / 04 / 2016

On February 4 it’s World CancerDay. Every year over 12 million people across the world are diagnosedwith the disease. The task to tackle cancer may seem over-whelming attimes. However, significant progress has been made and today morepeople are surviving from cancer than ever before.

Every minute someone, somewhere isdiagnosed with cancer. With World Cancer Day approaching, it’s agood time to stop and think about all those affected by this killerdisease. However, the good news is that cancer survival has doublein the last 40 years, thanks to the persistent work of scientist anddoctors to find new and more efficient ways to prevent, diagnose andtreat cancer. But sadly, many still lose their fight against thedisease and there’s a huge amount of work to be done before thisenormous battle is won.

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Moreover, tobacco remains far and awaythe single biggest cause of cancer across the world. It has beenestimated that closer to 2 million cancer deaths are directly linkedto tobacco – deaths that could have been prevented. Therefore we’dlike to remind you, that it’s never to late to embark on ahealthier life and put out the old cancer stick for good.

The World Cancer Day serves as acrucial reminder of the global nature of the battle against cancer.For more information, please visit: