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Free shipping on all orders above € 99

Full rights of return for 30 days


Dansmoke vs tough, new EU laws

  •    04 / 02 / 2016

The way you vape will change in 2016. Unless you're a DanSmoker®.

In November 2016, the EU will implement new laws that will make life harder for many e-smokers and will remove over 95% of all e-cigarettes from the market. The EU is updating its Tobacco Products Directive and imposing tighter restrictions on many areas of the sale of e-cigarettes, such as reducing the size of e-fluid in their tanks and filters, the size of refill containers and the nicotine strength of their flavors.


How will these new laws affect you?

Good news: If you're a DanSmoke®r or are considering trying DanSmoke®, these new laws will not affect you at all!

The new laws require that e-cigarettes:

Include a maximum of 2 ml e-fluid in their filters.

For most e-cigarettes, this new requirement alone is enough to remove them from the market, since almost every e-cigarette uses more than 2 ml. Refillable e-cigarettes are especially vulnerable to this. If you are using such an e-cigarette, prepare to find a replacement soon. DanSmoke® is a great replacement, since it only contains 1 ml of e-fluid in each filter and therefore is completely unaffected by this law.

Reduce the maximum size of refill containers from 20 ml to 10 ml.

Another nail in the coffin for almost every available e-cigarette. Previously there was no limit to refill sizes, and this means that most e-cigarette brands will be forced to alter their products in ways that almost none are prepared for. It will dramatically change the routines of their customers, demand more frequent purchases and result in higher expenses. DanSmoke® is not affected by this requirement: Using only disposable filters, DanSmoke®rs don't have to worry about any changes to their routines or frequency of filter deliveries.

Must be leak-free.

The safety of our customers has always been a primary concern for DanSmoke®, and the EU is finally catching up. Spilling e-fluids with nicotine can be extremely dangerous, since it is easily absorbed in the mouth or through the skin. This causes nicotine poisoning! And a refillable e-cigarette almost guarantees a spill sooner or later, which is why they will be completely prohibited by the new EU laws. DanSmoke® uses nothing but securely sealed, disposable filters that eliminates any risk of spilling and will continue to be completely legal.

Must be safe for children.

Spilling as little as 1 teaspoon of e-fluids with nicotine is lethal for a child. Even when stored in the home with extreme care, refill containers are hazardous to your family. No refillable e-cigarette will survive this child-safety requirement from the new EU laws. But you can continue using DanSmoke® without limitations. Our philosophy has prioritized the safety of our users and their families since our beginnings in 2012. Unlike our competitors, our filters never have and never will pose even the slightest health risk to you and your family.

These new laws cause a big change to the e-cigarette market this year. Citing safety concerns at every turn, the EU is making it more and more difficult to produce an acceptable e-cigarette. Soon you will not be able to refill your e-cigarette, store dangerous e-fluid refills in your home or use over 95% of the e-cigarettes currently available on the market.

DanSmoke® have never strayed from our goal of being a modern, safe and reliable choice for every current and future e-smoker. While the new EU laws force our competitors to adopt drastic changes or die, DanSmoke® will continue unhindered. Since 2012, DanSmoke® has been a market-leader in innovation and developing a product that our users can be proud of.

And so, both before and after November 2016 you will be able to enjoy a healthy, safe and unique e-cigarette that gives you the biggest selection of unique flavors and useful accesories, all the massively discounted prices.