Fast-Charge Portable Charger Case

This portable charger ensures that you can always recharge your DanSmoke Fast™ battery, no matter where you are. Smaller than a smartphone and hold a battery+filter and 3 extra filters. Simply insert your battery and it recharges automatically.

  • Stylish, portable charger for your DanSmoke Fast™ battery. It is smaller and lighter than a smartphone and fits neatly into any bag or pocket.

    Only usable with the DanSmoke Fast™ battery.

    • Height: 106 mm
    • Width: 50 mm
    • Thickness: 17 mm

    It can fully recharge your DanSmoke Fast™ in just 15-20 minutes.

    It can fully recharge your DanSmoke Fast™ 5-6 times before running out of power.

    It only takes 2 hours to fully recharge this portable charger.

    It can hold 1 battery with a filter attached and 3 separate filters.