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Wall Charger 220V

Wall Charger 220V

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Product Description

Introducing the Wall Charger 220V by DanSmoke®, the ultimate charging solution designed to harmonize with European power standards. This charger stands out in our lineup for its unmatched efficiency and convenience, promising to power up your DanSmoke® battery to full capacity in an astonishing 90 minutes. Perfectly paired with the USB charger, it exemplifies the ideal blend of speed and reliability for your vaping needs.

Product Features:

  • Universal European Fit: The Wall Charger 220V is crafted to plug seamlessly into any European power socket, offering unmatched reliability and universal compatibility across the continent.
  • Accelerated Charging Time: Revolutionize how you charge with our wall charger's ability to rapidly boost your DanSmoke® battery from depleted to full in just 90 minutes, ensuring your device is ready to use when you need it most.
  • Effortless Operation: Experience hassle-free charging with a straightforward process – simply connect the charger to a European socket and link it to your battery via the USB cable for efficient power replenishment.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Tailored for all DanSmoke® battery models, this wall charger is a versatile accessory essential for every DanSmoke® vaper, designed to cater to all your charging demands with ease.
  • Dependable Warranty: Your investment is protected by a solid 12-month warranty, providing you with added confidence in the durability and performance of the DanSmoke® Wall Charger 220V. For full warranty details, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Upgrade to the Wall Charger 220V by DanSmoke® for a charging experience that combines European compatibility with fast, efficient power delivery. Whether you're at home or on the move, this charger ensures your vaping device remains powered up and primed for an exceptional vaping experience, every time.

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