Onthego Plaisir

Plaisir is made with love and the familiar taste of Switzerlands most preferred flavors. This well-rounded, mild, yet full and characteristic tobacco flavor is exactly what you expect from this new flavor.

  • The practical and convenient solution that is perfect for traveling, going out, or whenever you need smoking to be easy.

    No need for batteries, chargers, e-fluids or change of filters.

    Unwrap and it's ready for use.

    Needs no charging.

    Tastes like a regular cigarette.

    OnTheGo is perfect for you, if you want to try out an e-cigarette, but don’t want to buy the complete starter kit.

    Ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerol, water, nicotine, flavors.

    Warranty: 30 days for the battery. Read our Terms and Condition for more info.