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Free shipping on all orders above € 99

Full rights of return for 30 days

US Original (16 mg)

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€ 18.95

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Do you like the strong and powerful flavor of American mixes? Then this flavour, is the right choice for you. Taste the freedom with US Original.


A packet of 5 US Original filters 16 mg nicotine

If you enjoy the taste and feel of a mild, full-aromatized tobacco cigarette, we offer this well-chosen blend. The US Original tastes like some of the most popular cigarette brands in the United States and most of the Western world. With its original flavor the taste is simple and pale, yet completely aromatic.

The mouthpiece serves as a filter that contains both flavor and nicotine. Without using fire the patented cartomizer vaporizes the nicotine fluid creating a steam corresponding to the smoke from regular cigarettes. This way smoking an e-cigarette simulates smoking a regular cigarette, making it easier to break old smoking habits.

This high-quality filter contains 16 mg nicotine, which is the second-highest concentration of nicotine found in regular cigarettes. Our e-cigarette quenches the urge for a cigarette, but does so without exposing you to any of the harmful and cancer-causing substances found in regular cigarettes. DanSmoke filters only contain harmless steam and food approved flavors. Every filter corresponds roughly to 25 regular cigarettes.