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DanSmoke™ is very much similar to a usual cigarette, feels like a usual cigarette and tastes exactly like an ordinary cigarette. But it doesn’t contain anything else than nicotine, water vapor and flavors. Because of those ingredients the e-cigarette is not subject to the smoking law and you can enjoy it whenever you want to.

DanSmoke™ e-cigarettes are significantly cheaper, better for your health and taste better than ordinary cigarettes.

Our web shop is like any other online shop, the only difference is that you only pay via invoice. You only need to pay when you have received the delivery and this way you will have a 14 days credit. This gives you the safety that you will receive the delivery no matter what and you will not pay with credit card. We can provide you the most preferred and safest way to shop online.
We are looking forward to have you as a DanSmoke™ customer.

New price: € 16,95

New price: € 16,95

New price: € 16,95

New price: € 16,95

DanSmoke™ is the serious alternative compared to usual cigarettes. The amount of nicotine in our e-cigarettes is the same as the amount in ordinary cigarettes but they are not with all these harmful and cancer causing substances. That is why DanSmoke is perfect as a substitute or replacement to ordinary cigarettes. 92% of our customers managed to stop smoking after 12 months with DanSmoke – DanSmoke is perfect for quitting smoking.

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Take a look at all of our great reviews:
  • Olivia

    "After switching to DanSmoke I have become a passionate “steamer”. I love the cool and yet elegant design, and the fact that the e-cigarettes are easy to use. I had a very good experience with ordering DanSmoke."

  • Sean

    "I actually thought it was some sort of hoax. But I got it by mail quite quickly, and it is to great delight of both my family and myself. It quenches the worst urge for a cigarette and I am very happy with my DanSmoke."

  • Margareth

    "I’m a new customer, but have already reduced my daily number of cigarettes by half from approx. 30 to 15. My goal is to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes within the next 6 months."

  • Ben

    "I truly love my e-cigarette. Because it actually feels like I’m smoking a regular cigarette, it tastes the same, feels the same and – incredibly – it looks the same, from the smoke to the red light at the end."

  • Ana

    "I am very happy with my new DanSmoke and hope that because of it I will one day consider myself an ex-smoker. The best thing about my DanSmoke is that I’m allowed to smoke everywhere – and I still have that something in my hand. Hopefully this means that I won’t gain weight."

  • Robert

    "I find the e-cigarettes a great alternative to the putrid regular cigarettes. And I already taste and smell things better :) Now I don’t have to fear being caught smoking by my kids and my wife actually wants to kiss me again :D"

  • Sarah

    "I was getting really sick of being the outcast and always having to go outside for a smoke. DanSmoke is a perfect solution for both the smoker and the surroundings and for the first time in 4 years I was actually able to stay in the same room as my non-smoking son and grandson during the entire Christmas dinner. And I know, that eventually I won’t want to smoke anything but my favorite menthol flavored DanSmoke e-cigarette."

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How much can I save?

How much can I save?

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DanSmoke comes in a wide range of flavors that have all been carefully selected for their great tobacco taste. Choose your favorite flavor in our webshop or via our Delivery Service and have it delivered to your door within just a few days.

DanSmoke e-cigarettes contain no harmful and cancer causing substances, and you avoid having your clothes and furniture reek of cigarette smoke. Another positive effect is that e-cigarettes can actually replace tobacco cigarettes without you having to do without your daily nicotine fix. And your metabolism stays high, which means that you don’t have to worry about gaining weight when quitting smoking.?

If you want to try our e-cigarettes, we recommend you to order our Dansmoke starter kit and Delivery Service. For more information click here.