A time to raise awareness: world cancer day

World Cancer Day takes place onFebruary 4. This is the day when everyone can do their bit to raiseawareness of cancer and encourage its prevention and detection. Eachyear 12 million people get a cancer diagnosis. Many do survive, butthe battle is far from over.

With the World Cancer Day just aroundthe corner, it’s a good time to reflect on this important topic.Did you know, that cancer survival has doubled in the last decades,much due to the excellent work of scientist and doctors determined tofind new, efficient ways to diagnose, detect and treat cancer?However, still too many loose their battle against the disease –and the amount of work needed to conquer this global killer isenormous.

Moreover, tobacco remains by far thesingle greatest cause of cancer worldwide. According to the latestdata, up to 2 million cancer deaths per year are linked to smokingcigarettes. Therefore, the importance of quitting smoking cannot beemphasized enough – and it’s never too late to make a change andlead a healthier life.

On February 4 wecan all join forces to fight cancer, because together we’re so muchstronger. For more information about World Cancer Day, please visit:


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