People spend hundreds of millions on cessations methods every year.

A startling new report from Denmark shows that traditional smoke cessation methods, like nicotine gum, might pose a new problem for people who use them to quit smoking.

According to Danish news agency Ritzau, more than 300 million are spent on cessation methods like nicotine gum every year in Denmark alone. Extending that number out to more countries, or all of Europe and it becomes a scary fact.

It’s so bad that it literally accounts for half of all over-the-counter medication sold in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Some people have been using nicotine gum for over a year, despite recommendations by doctors being 6 month or less. And expert are very worried that people will simply replace their addiction to cessation menthods instead of tobacco.

And while nicotine gum is certainly less harmful than tobacco, it’s still very unfortunate to suffer from any type of addiction, especially to something that was supposed to help you beat your original addition.

We can only speak from customer feedback, but every single day people stop using DanSmoke because they quit smoking.

Normally a business would lament losing customers, but we are quite happy to see people go when it’s because they used our product to succed in their mission to quit smoking and then no longer need to use our e-cigarette.

We have never heard of any case of a DanSmoker being stuck with our e-cigarette, because he or she is not addicted to the e-cigaretter instead of the tobacco cigarette.

Our e-cigarette provides smokers who try to quit with many tools that nicotine gum does not:

  • You keep your habit of putting a cigarette-like object in your mouth and taking a drag.
  • You keep your fingers occupied.
  • You still get the sensation of smoke in your mouth in the form of tobacco-less vape.
  • You still get the taste you’re used to from cigarettes.

Nicotine gum offers none of this, and it can be very helpful when people are ready to switch to nicotine-free vaping. Quitting is all about adapting as best you can, and by making the process be as familiar to tobacco smoking as possible, while freeing you from the control of tobacco, e-cigarettes have a unique opportunity to let you quit nicotine entirely without then becoming addicted to the e-cigarette later on.

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