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Desert V9 filter (3 x 1.5 ml)

Desert V9 filter (3 x 1.5 ml)

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the rich, robust essence of the Desert V9 filter (3 x 1.5 ml), an e-liquid that captures the spirited flavor of the Turkish Blend. This meticulously crafted selection is for the connoisseur who seeks a vaping experience that's both bold and refined. Unlike any other, this blend stands out with its powerful flavor profile and smooth finish, reminiscent of the traditional "man's cigarette" yet welcoming to all discerning vapers.

Product Features:

  • Intense Turkish Tobacco Flavor: Each Desert V9 pack comes with 3 filters, filled with 1.5 ml of our premium e-liquid. This blend offers a deep, rich tobacco taste that pays homage to the legendary Turkish tobacco, known for its robust and smooth characteristics.
  • Optimal Vaping Experience: Achieve the perfect vaping balance with a 50/50 PG/VG mix. This ratio is designed to provide a smooth inhalation while producing substantial vapor, amplifying the distinctive tobacco essence.
  • High-Quality Composition: Crafted with the finest ingredients, including Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, concentrated tobacco flavor, nicotine, and a selection of other flavors, the Desert V9 filter ensures a sophisticated and memorable vaping session.

The Desert V9 filter transcends the ordinary, offering a vaping journey that's as rich and complex as the heritage of Turkish tobacco. It's an exquisite choice for those who value a robust, yet smooth vaping experience, promising an unparalleled flavor adventure with every puff.

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