N50 Clearomiser

Fully transparent container for DanSmoke's e-liquids. Can be used with DanSmoke Zeus and DanSmoke Athena. It can contain up to 2 ml of e-liquids and is both leak-free and childproof.

  • New clearomiser tank for anyone who owns a DanSmoke Athena or DanSmoke Zeus.

    Important: Do not store the N50 with the airflow valve open. Only open the valve when steaming.

    Compatible with DanSmoke Zeus and DanSmoke Athena.

    Holds up to 2 ml of e-liquid.

    To avoid overfilling and spills, we recommend not filling the tank completely.

    Allows adjustable airflow.

    Leak-free and childproof.

    To refill properly, remove the cap and insert the tip of the e-liquid bottle into the tank along the outer edge. Do not fill e-liquid into the coil in the middle.