Brand new colours for standard batteries

Brand new colours for standard batteries

Our goal is to be a user-driven company producing premium products that our customers really desire.

In order to achieve that we always welcome interaction and honest feedback from you guys. Feel free to send us an e-mail or share your thoughts and ideas on social media.

We promise, we will consider every one of them.

In the past you asked us to offer a wider range of LED colors on the batteries. We then launched pink and white LED lights and they quickly became very popular all over Europe. In some countries even more popular than our signature blue LED light, which was honestly quite a surprise for us.

Again many people have asked us for more color options. The argument being that its easier to differentiate the batteries, when charging them, but also as a personal design statement.

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We have welcomed this request and started production of standard batteries with LED lights in yellow and orange, which brings the total up to 7 different color options for our standard battery.

The new color variations will be available in all 10 webshops during April 2016.

We are currently considering expanding more color options to our 450 mAh Super 3X battery.

Would you be interested in that? Which color options would you like?

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