Innovation never stops

At DanSmoke® we believe that the perfect e-cigarette is still to be developed.

We are proud of our product innovation and the range of high-quality products that we have developed in the last four years. 

But we know that we can produce an even better product in the future.

Quality does matter

Benchmarks show that we are currently best in class for cig-a-likes and disposable e-cigarettes in the European countries. The many million dollars spent on research and development, product design, testing and quality improvements have given us a sustainable competitive advantage over our competitors, who for the most part put their brands on randomly sourced products of inferior quality.

To ensure the highest quality possible we continuously test our products at multiple test centers around Europe

User lead innovation to match local preferences

Developing an attractive e-cigarette product is not an overnight process. It not only requires substantial investments into products and processes, but also a close dialogue with the end customers to ensure that we meet their specific demands in each particular market.

The preferences for flavor, nicotine strength, design in Scandinavia is significantly different to the preferences of customers in Central Europe and Southern Europe. Its quite natural that the preferred flavor varies a lot, as tobacco consumption varies a lot throughout Europe, but it was quite surprising and interesting that the color of the e-cigarette and even the color of the LED-light matters so much.

Designing the perfect battery

Our product design philosophy is based on making the best alternative for consumers shifting away from tobacco and aligned with our vision about reducing tobacco smoking. 

In our design processes we try to resemble the cigarette as much as possible, because this is what the consumer was used to smoking in the past. 

The size and length limitations that come with this design philosophy naturally constrains the space inside the e-cigarette and as such the battery capacity. We prefer to continuously develop on our battery capacity by using new battery innovations and technology, rather than offering an e-cigarette of the size of a cigar. The implications of this choice means that our e-cigarette needs to be charged daily. Thats the price of convenience.

There is currently a lot of innovation and progress  being made in the field of batteries driven by the popularity of electrical cars, smart phones and watches and consumer electronics.

In the last 18 months we have increased the capacity of the batteries in the DanSmoke® e-cigarettes with almost 50%. It has been an expensive process and development, but we know that the battery capacity is very important for our customers. In the last year we have managed to reduce our production cost of batteries by significant increases in the production as our products are being marketed in more and more countries. As such the cost of a DanSmoke® e-cigarette is now 50% lower than it was just one year ago.

Think about that.

Black is different

For the design of the DanSmoke® e-cigarette we insist that our products stand out from the crowd of mainstream e-cigarettes. We substantially differentiate in quality and as such our products should always resemble that difference. This is the main reason why the DanSmoke® e-cigarette is black and that we never produced a white e-cigarette.

For the color of the LED light we continue to offer new colors to meet your preferences.