Discover DanSmoke®

How it works

Every time you take a drag on your DanSmoke® e-cigarette, the battery powers a tiny electronic heating element in the cartridge, vaporizing a nicotine-laced solution into vapor. By inhaling the mist, you can enjoy the sensation of smoking but without polluting your lungs with tar and carbon monoxide. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery ensures you don't find yourself running out of power when you need your DanSmoke® the most. The energy efficient led light, in turn, tells you when it's time for a recharge.

Simple as that!

DanSmoke® is more than just another e-cigarette. It’s a revolutionizing piece of engineering, designed to offer a truly satisfying and reliable smoking experience – minus the guilt. The time of compromises and apologizes is over. No more shivering outside the pub door to have a smoke, or saying “sorry” for lighting up. With DanSmoke® you can be yourself, on your own terms.

5 reasons why DanSmoke® is the best e-cigarette

  • Widest selection of filter flavors
  • Vapor tested in independent European laboratory to rule out toxicological risks
  • Highest quality stainless steel
  • EP medical grade nicotine in e-liquids
  • Engineered to be child-safe and leakage free
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About DanSmoke®

DanSmoke® was founded in 2012 by a group of forward-looking entrepreneurs in Denmark. Since then, DanSmoke® has come to set the standard for introducing e-cigarettes as a real alternative to tobacco smoking. With an ultra-modern design, featuring the very latest technology in the field, DanSmoke® delivers a truly user-friendly customer experience with every drag. Today the company dominates the European e-cigarette market with online shops currently available in the whole of Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

DanSmoke® electronic cigarettes offer the experience of real tobacco cigarettes— but without the smoke, ash and unpleasant smell. And because they imitate the actual physical act of smoking, DanSmoke® electronic cigarettes offer a truly realistic alternative to combustible tobacco cigarettes. Our products are available in convenient kits, complete with everything needed for a potentially life-changing experience. We pride ourselves with offering not only the most innovative product on the market, but also the widest variety of filter flavors – set to satisfy the demands of even the most ardent tobacco smokers out there.