Safety first

DanSmoke might look like an ordinary e-cigarette, but in fact it’s far from that. DanSmoke is the most reliable e-cigarette on the market, and we’re continually working on improving it. We’ve made it our priority to monitor each and every step of the production process.

Product quality

  • We screen all e-liquids to ensure purity of ingredients
  • We analyze the vapor and the various elements it contains to rule out toxicological risks
  • We test the device itself and all components that come in contact with the nicotine solution

Supply chain

  • All our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art research and development facilities, fully equipped with the latest technology
  • We carry out thorough inspections exists the manufacturing process
  • We select product samples at random, in accordance with AQL sampling standards
  • We do pressure testing before shipping, to minimize the risk of leakage during transportation

Product development

  • We constantly work on improving our products and the quality of the vapor
  • Our e-cigarettes feature a convenient closed system, which means that no handling of the e-liquid is needed
  • All our e-cigarettes are child safe with the nicotine-liquid sealed within the cartridge
  • We have improved the heating cord within the e-cigarette to prevent the battery from over-heating
  • Our batteries automatically switch off after 4 seconds to ensure the maximum safe temperature of 280C is not exceeded

We are the only e-cigarette provider to collaborate with an independent European laboratory, specialized in chemical product testing – this we do to gain an even more thorough understanding of vapor quality.

It’s safe to say, DanSmoke® is quality at every drag.