E-cigarette flavors are essential to help people quit tobacco

E-cigarette flavors are essential to help people quit tobacco

A defining characteristic and one of the biggest benefits of e-cigarettes over tobacco is the great flavor variety. With one, single e-cigarette, you can enjoy the taste of coffee in the morning, refreshing menthol in the afternoon and delicious fruit in the evening.

And it is this variety and opportunity to make your e-cigarette different and inviting that helps so many people quit the lethal tobacco. Because contrary to scare tactics and the fiction that fruity flavors are somehow only made to lure in children which they do not!, reality shows that it is adult smokers who want a better life without tobacco who enjoy different e-cigarette flavors.

In fact, without different e-cigarette flavors, there would be about 40% fewer e-cigarette users who would instead continue to smoke tobacco.

At DanSmoke, we get a ton of feedback from DanSmokers about our flavors and which ones they enjoy. And when DanSmokers enjoy their e-cigarette, they are not using a tobacco cigarette. One of the world's leading researchers of e-cigarettes, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, has published a study backing up what DanSmokers have been telling us.

He surveyed 4618 people who had smoked for an average of 22 years, and who had all used e-cigarettes for 12 months. And his results spoke a clear language:

Flavors for e-cigarettes help people enjoy them and therefore stay away from tobacco.

E-cigarettes basically help people quit smoking - pure and simple. Over 90% of people were ex-smokers thanks to e-cigarettes, and the remaining had reduced their smoking from 20 to 4 per day. And when directly asked to rate how important flavor variety was to quit smoking, it was consistently ranked at "Very important", at 4 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5.

This should be a clear warning sign to those who wish to reduce, or even worse, ban e-cigarette flavors. This survey shows that almost 50% of people fear an increased craving for tobacco cigarettes if their e-cig flavors were banned or restricted, and almost 40% would be less likely to quit smoking.

We don't want that.

We staunchly believe in e-cigarettes as a alternative or a replacement for the toxic tobacco. We take great pride in providing current and future DanSmokers with a high-quality product that they can enjoy and make a part of their daily lives. It is fantastic to listen to someone who managed to improve their lives by reducing or quitting tobacco thanks to our e-cigarette.

And therefore, we will continue to make great flavors, such as traditional Royal Scandinavian tobacco, Fruity Flavorites, Coffee Bean, Menthol, Pina Colada, and Chocolate, as well as developing new and exciting options.

While people new to e-cigarettes typically prefer tobacco flavors while adjusting to e-cigarettes, they start using more fruity or sweet flavors the longer they use the e-cigarette. They want to explore their new habit. In fact, most ex-smokers who have completely replaced tobacco with their e-cigarette use about 3 different flavors per day. Much more than people who use both tobacco and e-cigarettes.

The longer people are away from tobacco, the less they seem to enjoy its taste. And why not? To some, the taste of tobacco is a reminder of a habit that made them addicted to poisoning themselves for years. If they can find a DanSmoke flavor to forget that old habit, we are happy to help. And whether you are new to e-cigarettes or have used them for a long time, you can find a DanSmoke flavor that is right for you.

Summing up this survey, we see that people who had smoked for more than 22 years were able to quit tobacco or reduce it by 80% using e-cigarettes, and a great flavor library was essential to this success.

The researcher himself provides this conclusion:

"Due to the fact that adoption of ECs by youngsters is currently minimal, it seems that implementing regulatory restrictions to flavours could cause harm to current vapers while no public health benefits would be observed in youngsters. Therefore, flavours variability should be maintained; any potential future risk for youngsters being attracted to ECs can be sufficiently minimized by strictly prohibiting EC sales in this population group."

Need we say more?

We offer DanSmoke versions of everyone of the most popular e-cig flavors today with our own twist on them, as well as some unique flavors only for DanSmokers. Why not visit our store and explore? You never know when you find your new favorite.

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