Fast-charge batteries in production

Fast-charge batteries in production

Our product development department has for more than a year been working hard on improving our batteries without increasing the size and weight of the battery.

The objective is to improve the performance of the battery to enhance the vaping experience without altering it significantly.

Its really a challenge for the engineers to accomplish these objectives, without increasing the product cost drastically.

We are now proud to announce that our team has improved the performance of the high quality lithium-ion batteries further and added new technology without increasing the size or weight.

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Our new version of the 150 mAh battery will be able to charge from completely empty to full capacity in just 20 minutes. A super fast result and very convenient for the consumer. In comparison our current standard battery charges to full in 90 minutes (depending on the age of the battery).

The LED has been optimized as well. It will still light up with every puff, but the energy consumption will be less, resulting in about 10% more puffs per battery.

The new fast-charge battery will initially be offered with a blue LED light and available in all 10 DanSmoke webshops in April 2016.

Which LED color option would you like?

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