5 tips most vapers wish they knew when they started vaping.

When we talk to our customers, we often hear stories about how their experience with vaping makes them look back and think: “If I was a first-time vaper again, this is what I would do differently.”

Therefore we have made a list of tips to help new vapers get started with vaping in the best possible way. It is based on years of experience from thousands of vapers. We hope it can help you get the best experience, not waste money and be able to stick with vaping and not go back to tobacco. Even if you have been vaping for a long time, this list can still be helpful to you.

1. Be open to buying the best kit, not the cheapest.

To start vaping is an important, life-changing choice for many people. They have made the decision to fight against the addictive tobacco that is destroying their lives. Choosing the right starter pack is more important than many people realize. We are always sad to hear about new vapers who decides to save money on their first kit. They soon end up having to buy several other starter kits because their first, cheap choice did not provide all the options they needed. It is even sadder to see that decision to save on cost make a new vaper loose faith in vaping entirely and return to tobacco.

We urge anyone who wants to vape to not focus on saving money, but instead to focus on making their new habit a fulfilling experience. If you enjoy a feeling of strong tobacco in your throat, then don’t buy a cheaper starter kit that doesn’t have a flavor like that. If you enjoy a large amount of volume when you inhale, then make sure you get a starter kit that has a battery with enough capacity to produce the right amount of vape per drag.

Making the wrong choice from the outset can turn vaping from a promising new beginning into an uninteresting burden.

2. Be willing to expand your choices.

One of the greatest benefits of vaping is the great amount of choice. You can choose your favorite flavors, you can chose many different flavors. You can choose to get a large or a small amount of vape with each drag. You can chose a color that suits your style, both for the e-cig itself and the LED light on the tip. You can vape in many places where tobacco is banned or where tobacco would cause discoloration or nasty smells.

And we encourage you to try something new. Your e-cigarette shop will always have more options for you. It will have different flavors, different nicotine strengths and various accessories to help you vape just how you want. We understand how important choice is, so we offer a wide selection of flavors with tobacco and without tobacco, different batteries and different accessories. And we always make sure to sell them at great prices and give you big discounts.

Whenever we introduce new products, we recommend that our customers try them. And while some are content with their current products for a while, they are all happy when they decide to actually try a new option and end up enjoying vaping even more.

The regret of missing out on a better experience for a long time, just because you have accepted what you already have, is some of the most common feedback we get.

3. Make sure you always have supplies.

You sit at home and you feel like taking a drag. You pick up your e-cigarette… and then nothing. You filter is empty and you don’t have any more at home. This tip sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many vapers have forgotten to buy enough filters at one time or another.

And when you run out of filters before your vaping store can send you more, but the local kiosk is open and it sells tobacco, many vapers face a grim temptation to satiate their cravings for nicotine.

This was one of the main reasons for us creating the DanSmoke Loyalty Program. Every member will always have all the filters they want or need. They never have to leave the house or worry about buying more. Their deliveries of new filters are completely flexible when choosing the amount, the flavor and delivery frequency. And don’t forget that getting your filters with the Loyalty Program is much cheaper than buying your filters in one-time purchases in webshops.

4. Find a good brand that is trusted by other people.

Never underestimate the value of public opinion. When you explore a brand of e-cigarettes, and their reception amongst their customers is great, then you are already looking at a good choice. Regular customers will often give you the best idea of which e-cigarette to choose and what is it like to be a customer of that brand.

We often enjoy good quality feedback from our customers. They tell us what they like, what the wish was better and what they want to see added to our webshop next. And we always make sure to make customers feel valued. We always have great discounts on many products, with our biggest discounts being at 70% right now. We have recently re-designed our entire webshop to live up to wishes from our customers. And we give you many ways, like phone, e-mail, contact forms and social media, of getting in touch with us to let us help you solve any problem.

5. Take advantage of the strengths of vaping over tobacco.

The option to choose different flavors is helping people quit smoking. That’s not just us saying it, studies have been done showing that many people who’ve managed to quit smoking with e-cigarettes were helped because they could choose many different flavors.

Another trait of long-time vapers is that they enjoy many flavors during the same day. People have certain rituals that become part of their day like their morning coffee is. One flavors in the morning, another at mid-day and a third in the evening.

Do you like your flavor, but you’re unhappy with the vape amount? No need to change brand and waste the filters you’ve bought: just visit your webshop and buy a battery more suited to you and keep vaping on all the filters you have. This is what make e-cigarettes so great, but is it also a lesson most vapers only learn after a long time. Many people describe their latest experiences with vaping as far better than when they first started. Embracing the variety and flexibility of the e-cigarette is one of the best reasons to use e-cigarettes instead of tobacco.

Avoiding the ash, tar and over 4000 chemicals in tobacco is of course also a great reason to vape instead of smoking.


We hope some of this has proven helpful to you. Every person who chooses an e-cigarette over tobacco is a victory in our minds. And of course we love it even more when they choose DanSmoke instead of other e-cigarettes.

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