An easter gift is on the way.

Easter is just around the corner. The sun is shining, the eggs have been painted and some of us may get a suprise visit from a certain bunny.

It's time to celebrate together with family and friends, and at DanSmoke® we want to do the same.

Continuing our proud tradition of handsomely rewarding our Loyalty Program subscribers, we have sent our own Easter bunny on its way with an Easter gift basket to every subscriber.

We won't spoil the surprise here, but we can say that it should allow you all to get many, new experiences with your DanSmoke this Easter. So to every Loyalty Program member: Keep an eye on your mail box in the coming days.

To everyone reading this who would like to join the Loyalty Program and receive gift baskets like this one, head over to our Loyalty Program page and sign up. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start vaping with big discounts, and the sooner we can send you gifts like this in the mail.

Have a great Easter.

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