DanSmoke fast™ battery

At the beginning of March, we introduced our new 150 mAh fast-charge battery, DanSmoke Fast™. Taking full advantage of our new and innovative fast-charge technology, this battery can be fully recharged in just 15-20 minutes, compared to 90 minutes that our current DanSmoke Standard™ battery requires.

Because we love feedback from you guys, we also opened the door for suggestions about available colors for these new batteries. You made it very clear that you would like more colors than just blue.

We can now reveal that the DanSmoke Fast™ will be available in four colors: Blue, Red, White, and Pink. White and Pink quickly became some of the most popular choices for the DanSmoke Standard™, and we are very excited to see how our new batteries will be received by DanSmokers across Europe.

Today, we can reveal more great news about the DanSmoke Fast™.

Our R&D labs have been constantly testing this battery throughout its development. We have pushed the battery and the technology to the limit, which has resulted in a minimum of 150 drags per full recharge, and often times a lot more. In comparison the DanSmoke Standard™ only provides up to 150 drags per recharge. So what was previously the maximum, has now become the minimum with the DanSmoke Fast™, and we are very proud of this increased performance.

The DanSmoke Fast™ also boasts a built-in automatic protection from overheating. Excessive use of previous generations of e-cigarette batteries could damage the battery, but this risk has now been completely eliminated. Neither the functionality of the battery nor the flavor of vape will degrade from over-use. So you are free to vape as much as you want .

The increased performance and the inclusion of new technology has all been made possible with no increase to the size of the battery at all. Just like the DanSmoke Standard™, this new battery is 65,5 x 8,5 mm in size. But this new generation of e-cigarette still has a new, modern look. The DanSmoke Fast™ sets itself apart by featuring a stylish new LED light ring on its tip. Rather than lighting up the entire tip, this new battery will activate a clear circle of light when you take a drag.

The DanSmoke Fast™ is being delivered to our warehouses in Europe as we speak, and they will be available in our webshops in all countries next month.

We cannot wait for you to try it and feel the difference of the new generation of DanSmoke e-cigarette batteries.

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