DanSmoke max, 240 mah fast-charge battery

After almost two years of development in our R&D labs, we are finally proud to present the DanSmoke Max™ e-cigarette to you.

The DanSmoke Max™ is based on our latest technology and has an increased battery capacity of 240 mAh, which is 71% more capacity than the DanSmoke Standard™. 

The e-cigarette is tested thoroughly in our labs to generate more than 350 drags from fully charged, which is an impressive 133% drags more than the DanSmoke Standard™ that offers 150 drags from full capacity. The performance increase is obtain in part by new technology and in part because of the new the of LED light with less energy consumption. 

Significantly more vape is also being generated, when vaping on the DanSmoke Max™, compared to the DanSmoke Standard™. Our test-users describe it as "much improved vaping sensation", "more intense flavor" and "satisfying feeling int he throat".

The new e-cigarette also has automatic over-heating protection technology built-in to avoid any chance of damaging the battery or the taste of the vape by using it too extensively.

The most impressive element is that the full recharging time is just 25-30 minutes from completely empty to fully charged, because the DanSmoke Max is using our new fast-charge technology and the new fast-charge USB charger.

All of the above is achieved with minimal increases in the size of the e-cigarette. The DanSmoke Max is 9.5 millimeter longer than the DanSmoke Standard and has a total length of 75 millimeter. The diameter is also increased by 0.7 millimeter making it 9.2 millimeter instead of the Standard's 8.5 millimeter.

We are launching the DanSmoke Max™ in four different colors for the LED light. You can have either blue, red, white or pink LED light.

The DanSmoke Max™ is currently on its way to our European warehouses and will be available in our webshops next month.

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