Steaming hot: october is all about coffee

For many, October marks the end of summer, with students heading back to school and office drones buzzing back to their cubicles. The weather will become colder as the nights grow ever longer and darker. What better way to alleviate autumn blues, than by curling up in the sofa with a cup of fine coffee?

When did you last enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee? And with that I don’t mean sipping on one while answering urgent e-mails, commuting to work or running to an early morning meeting.  No. I mean when did you actually sit down, kick back and indulged all your senses with a cup of perfectly prepared coffee?

For most of us coffee is just a crutch to keep us going. However in Italy – the home of the espresso – drinking coffee is a time of relaxation and enjoyment. The Italians tend to take long coffee breaks, hanging around in cafés for a much-need pause from daily routines. Here it’s all about the simple pleasure of drinking coffee.

However, you can also venture on a small escape from everyday stress by savoring a cup of quality coffee. For the right experience; first, smell the aroma from the steaming cup, secondly, rest your eyes on the beautiful mocha color. Lastly, relish the rich taste – and live in the moment or cogli l’attimo, as they say in Italy.

Now you can also enjoy your DanSmoke e-cigarette with smooth coffee taste– we recommend you give Coffee Bean filters a try this October.

If this doesn’t make you crave an espresso, nothing will!

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