The DanSmoke loyalty program

1. Get up to 50% in savings on starter sets and up to 30% savings on all filters.

2. Deliveries that are customizable in filter flavour, nicotine strength, delivery volume and frequency.

3. VIP treatment with regular gifts, rewards, birthday presents, discounts and friendly customer service.

Welcome to the DanSmoke Loyalty Program.

This customer-oriented service is predicated on one, simple idea: The longer you stay with us, the more you are rewarded.

Get big savings.

The biggest benefit for any Loyalty Program subscriber is the constant savings. By joining the DanSmoke Loyalty Program, you save up to 50% on filters and starter packs compared to our webshop prices.

Why can you save so much?

The reason we can offer these kinds of savings is simply the ability to plan ahead. All stores have to buy a certain amount of wares to sell and cover a perceived demand. But when we know the amount of Loyalty Program subscribers, we can tailor our production to suit our customers 100%. This way, we save time and money, and we pass these savings on to our subscribers so they also save large amounts.

Excellent convenience for customers.

As soon as you become a Loyalty Program member, you vape with a peace of mind. As long as your remain a member, you will always have enough filters to suit your needs. They arrive in your mail box just when you want them to. As a Loyalty Program member, you gain access to the VIP area of our webshop, where you can adjust the flavour of your filters, their nicotine strength, how many to get with each delivery, and how often you get a new delivery. This modern approach to vaping is without a doubt the easiest, most hassle-free way to enjoy your habit. And you can of course cancel it at any time.

VIP treatment and regular gifts and presents.

We enjoy rewarding any vaper who put their trust in us to be their e-cigarette of choice. As a member of the Loyalty Program, not only do you get savings on every product you receive: We send you regular gifts, rewards and presents.

Gifts for christmas, birthdays, Easter and many other holidays throughout the year are cause for celebration at DanSmoke, which means more gifts for Loyalty Programm members.

Access products, discounts and contests before anyone else.

If you have read our blog recently, you have seen the exciting additions to our portfolio that will arrive in April this year, such as our brand new fast-charge batteries. If you visit our webshops webshops Outlet page, you will find our biggest discount yet with up to 72% discount on the most popular DanSmoke flavors. Our Loyalty Program members were the first to know about all of this.

When we introduce new sales, products and contests, they can easily sell out quickly. And we want to make sure our Loyalty Program members always have a chance to participate. As a member, you can be sure to stay up to date on any relevant news about your e-cigarette and take advantage of big savings in the process.

The DanSmoke Loyalty program is for anyone enjoy e-cigarettes who want to save money and be treated like a VIP while they vape. We encourage you to visit our Loyalty Program page, where you can view more details and create your own VIP membership. We hope to welcome you as our newest Loyalty member soon.

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