The fast-charge usb charger is coming soon!

You may have read about our brand new fast-charge batteries that you can get in our webshop later this month. These can be recharged in just 15-20minutes in contrast to 90 minutes to recharge our current standard batteries.

Handling this technological advancement requires new and improved chargers based on new technology.

We can now present our fast-charge USB charger.

It is specifically designed to deliver power at a break-neck speedto your new fast-charge DanSmoke batteries. The size and shape is exactly the same as our standard USB charger, which is 47,3 x 19,1 mm. And from now on, you will enjoy recharging your battery up to 5 times faster than usual.

We know you will love the vastly improved e-cigarette experience that our new fast-charge batteries and chargers give you. We want to raise the bar for the e-cigarette market in the future and our new fast-charge technologies are only the first step on that journey.

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