The media are finally seeing the light

We would like to share a special video with you today. Going against the trend of the media jumping on anything they can to scare people away from e-cigarettes, this video from BBC News in England actually dives into the facts and presents results that are actually relevant to smokers.

Everyone is familiar with how popular it is to criticise tobacco, and for good reason. But all too often, e-cigarettes are caught in the crossfire. This video confirms what we have always believed at DanSmoke:

E-cigarettes are a fantastic alternative to the toxic tobacco addiction that kills 50% of all who use it.

The video shows without a doubt that e-cigarettes should not be viewed as being in league with tobacco, but instead as a contrast, an alternative or a way to quit tobacco entirely.

Here is a quick highlight from the video:

Chemicals in tobacco: Nicotine, arsenic, tar, benzene, formaldehyde, cadmium, chromium, polomium, and so many other chemicals that it is hard to read them all. E-cigarettes: Nicotine, Glycerine, Flavourings, Propylene Glycol. And that’s it.

The video tests both smokers and vapers to see the different effects on the users, and the test covered both smoking/vaping and passive smoking/vaping. The results leave absolutely no doubt about just how much safer and better for you e-cigarettes are compared to tobacco:

  • 1. Smokers and vapers get “similar levels of nicotine”.
  • 2. Vapers had “significantly lower levels” of Carbon monoxide (associated with heart disease) and acrolein (associated with cancer and lung problems) in their bodies. In fact, e-cigarette users had levels “similar to those found in non-smokers”. The same as non-smokers!
  • 3. The testing “found no evidence that the vapour was affecting people nearby”.

Still not convinced? Then listen to a world-leading expert on tobacco:

“…[e-cigarettes are] likely to be a small fraction of a danger of smoking.”

So, only a small part of a very small part of the dangers of smoking. This fits like a glove with the established notion that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. Each and every time you see this statistic, it seems incredibly irresponsible for so many health advocates to wish to ban e-cigarettes. A ban on e-cigarettes will only force smokers back to the lethal tobacco. Many DanSmokers have used our quality e-cigarette to either quit smoking or cut down on tobacco in the past four years. A ban on e-cigarettes directly makes their lives worse again.

There is no miracle cure for tobacco or nicotine addiction. But we doing great things to get there.

The tobacco expert continues:

“I think [e-cigarettes] could be a revolutionary change. I think they have a potential to basically eradicate smoking related disease and death in the population scale.”

E-cigarettes like DanSmoke give smokers the nicotine their bodies crave, and it spares them from tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, acrolein and literally thousands of other chemicals and toxic substances. And, as you saw in the video, there is no evidence of any negative effect from passive vaping.

Despite these facts, many idealists are still pushing hard to a ban e-cigarettes, seemingly because they will only accept the miracle cure that doesn’t exist. But we cannot wait for this cure to maybe come. 6 million people die each year from tobacco, 1 death every 6 seconds. Since you started reading this sentence you are reading right now, 1 more person has died from tobacco. Depriving smokers of options to avoid tobacco is never the right thing to do.

Nictotine patches and gum can only do so much, and there are millions of smokers who found no success with gum or patches, but were helped by e-cigarettes. Plenty of DanSmokers tell us this exact thing. Banning e-cigarettes will do nothing to help these people.

Rounding out this great video is a very short and direct message: “…considering cigarettes kill half the people who use them, if I was a cigarette smoker, I’d certainly give e-cigarettes a go.”

We whole-heartedly agree.

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