The new portable charger: fast and easy

When our brand new fast-charge battery – the DanSmoke Fast™ - launches next month, we are also launching a new fast-charge portable carry case, so you can recharge it no matter where you are.

The new portable carry case is based on extensive user feedback and market research, and it has been designed from the group up with your convenience in mind. It is small enough to carry anywhere and powerful enough to last as long as you need.

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to make sure that using this portable charger works just a well as charging your battery with your computer or wall plug. And they succeeded with flying colors. The recharge time for your fast-charge battery is just 15-20 minutes.It can be virtually impossible to get a portable charger to perform at the same speed as a wall plug, but we are very proud to say that our labs were successful.

Another impressive feature about this portable charger is its capacity. It is only as good as its size, and we are happy to announce that our portable charger allows you to fully recharge your DanSmoke Fast™ battery 6 times.For the vast majority of e-cigarette users, this is enough to last almost a week, making it well-suited for vacations, weekends away from home and other long periods of time where you only have limited access to a wall plug or a computer.

The portable charger itself can very quickly be recharged.It requires just 2 hours before it's ready to keep your battery full for many days. This short duration has greatly exceeded our expectations and is a clear sign of how powerful our new fast-charge technology really is.

Being a portable source of power for your e-cigarette that you will want to bring everywhere, size matters a lot. We can happily tell you that it is only 85 x 50 mm in size, making it smaller than your average smartphone. Combined with the smooth material and rounded surface, the charger fits neatly in any pocket, purse or bag.

For increased convenience for you, the charger can hold your fast-charge battery with a filter attached as well as 3 separate filters. It is designed to be all you need to bring with you, when you go out and want to have to possibility to always recharge your e-cigarette on the go. There is no need to worry about having loose filters in your bag or somewhere to store your battery when it it not in use.

And finally, recharging your battery could not be easier: You simply insert the battery with the LED light first and it will automatically begin recharging. You can see that the battery is actively being recharged when a small LED lights up on the bottom of the charger.

The days of waiting for 1.5 hours to recharge a battery once, or 5-6 hours to recharge your portable charger are long gone. The modern e-cigarette user demands fast speeds and greater convenience, and our many new, exciting products are fully capable of living up to these demands.

We cannot wait for you to try them.