Tips to help you choose the right vape volume

If you are currently using e-cigarettes or you have been thinking about starting for a while, you are probably aware of the vapor that they produce instead of smoke. Thick, white clouds that most vapers simply enjoy inhaling instead of toxic tobacco smoke, but that a few enthusiasts also turn into amazing trickery and display in videos online.

What you may not have considered is what the best vape senstation for you can be.

E-cig vape comes in many volumes.

There is a general rule to keep in mind: The greater your battery capacity is, the bigger an amount of vape it can produce. This can be seen from the most modest e-cigarette batteries of very low capacity up through and including the customized enthusiast e-cigarette kits with a capacity of literally thousands of mAh.

You can also see a linear correlation between capacity on vape volume at e-cigarette stores such as DanSmoke that sells many different batteries. And with each increase in capacity, the vape volume increases as well.

There is no doubt the a capacity of 1,500 mAh or above is way too much for almost all vapers, but by going in the complete opposite direction and favoring the lowest possible capacity might also provide you with the wrong product.

There are a few things you can use from your experience with tobacco that can help you decide what kind of vape volume is right for you.

Were you a really heavy smoker? Did you smoke 30-60 cigarettes a day?

Then chances are that you will enjoy a heavier volume of vape per drag. In your case, a capacity of 300-500 mAh or above it likely to be suitable for your preferences. It provides a good balance between a satisfying sensation of vape in the throat as well as a rounded feeling in the lungs. You will not feel like nothing happens when you take a drag on your e-cigarette, nor will you feel like you are choking, which some inexperienced vapers have experienced when they start off with too strong an e-cigarette.

Where you a lighter smoker, 10-30 cigarettes as day?

You are probably looking for a capacity in the vicinity of 200-400. Yes, there can be an overlap between the upper limits of a light smoker and the lower limits of a heavy smoker, but generally these two groups of smokers will enjoy vaping with different capacities. The lighter smoker often requires a less intense volume of vape per drag to get that satisfying throat hit, so he doesn’t need as much capacity.

Do you prefer tobacco flavors?

Studies and interviews with thousands of e-cigarette users have confirmed that people favoring tobacco flavors tend to prefer a greater volume of vape per drag. People preferring non-tobacco flavors are not only more likely to have an easier time quitting smoking, they also don’t like an intense sensation of inhaling vape as much.

Despite this advise, the best thing to do is to simply experience different battery capacities for yourself, until you find a suitable one. You never know, maybe a light vape volume is just what you need, you maybe you enjoy blowing huge clouds when you vape.

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