When newspaper scare tactics backfire

Sometimes the media scare-tactics about e-cigarettes backfire completely. Journalists will see a quote or piece of data out of context, use it to try and scare smokers and e-cigarette users away from vaping, and actually be shown to be completely wrong when you examine their own source in detail.

Very recently, two separate article posted in respected, British news papers both (falsely) claimed that e-cigarettes were "no safer" than tobacco. But in fact, their sources were showing the exact opposite: E-cigarettes are much, much safer than tobacco.

You should never base your own idea about e-cigarettes on news paper headlines or small quotes. And this clearly shows why.

The unknowing culprit in this case was a study about blowing e-cigarette vapor onto isolated cells in a lab. Since the scientists tested the effects on vapor containing e.g. nicotine versus clean air inside a lab, the results unsurprisingly showed that the cells were affected more by the vapor and the clean air. By its very nature, vapor contained something the normal air did not.

Sounds scary? Well, it's not. Not at all! And here's why:

1. This test was done in an isolated lab, on isolated cells.

It has no relevance to the body of a normal person using an e-cigarette out in the real world. E-Vapor from e-cigarettes is most likely just as safe as the air you breathe outside. With DanSmoke, you can even remove the nicotine, if you want to. When was the last time you heard any doctor recommend that you breathe less inside a city?

2. The lab test looked at an extremely high dose of vapor.

Can you get too much of a good thing? Yes, you can get too much of anything. That's why we say "too much". Expose human cells to too much healthy, clean water, and they drown. Eat too many veggies, and you will gain weight. Regarding this e-cigarette scare-study, the amount of vapor was the same as vaping non-stop for many, many hours. Think about one, uninterrupted 10-hour drag on your e-cigarette... Completely irrelevant to normal people. The conclusion is one we all knew; abuse something, and it's bad for you. Use something normally, and it's perfectly fine.

3. The test looked at vapor against tobacco: Tobacco straight up murdered the cells.

Since the media wanted to focus on falsely alarming people about e-cigarettes, they left out or downplayed that tobacco killed the exposed cells within 24 hours. The cells exposed to vapor were still alive and well after over 8 weeks of study. This is the 7-inch nail in the coffin of these scare-reports: A study claiming that e-cigarettes are "no safer" than tobacco shows:

Tobacco = Kills cells within 24 hours.

Vapor = Did not kill cells, even after 8 weeks.

That results speaks, almost shouts, for itself.

This case is just the latest in a long line of news headlines that try their hardest to make smokers avoid e-cigarettes by hiding details, highlighting isolated quotes and not giving you the full picture. Which is crazy to us.

E-cigarettes are so much safer than tobacco. No tar, no carbon monoxide, no combustion - that alone makes e-cigarettes superior to tobacco. We just can't see a reason to reject these obvious benefits and force smokers to keep using tobacco.

Because what the media doesn't seem to get is that millions of smokers have gotten no help from gums or patches. E-cigarettes is the only thing that helps them avoid tobacco. And scare studies like this doesn't help these people magically quit tobacco. All it does is make them doubt the only tobacco-alternative they've found, forcing them to go back to tobacco.

We hope you don't give up on vaping. Every bit of actual evidence tells us that it is an incredible alternative or replacement for tobacco. At DanSmoke, we are still dedicated to bring you the best possible vaping experience, and we hope you continue to enjoy vaping, despite all the media scares falsely warning you not to.

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