DanSmoke CECO™ e-cigarette

For e-smokers who are looking for more power, longer battery life, and an even better smoking experience, we have developed this fantastic battery that is 3.5 times more powerful than our regular batteries.

  • The DanSmoke CECO e-cigarette is for both beginners and experienced steamers. This unit offers excellent ergonomics, it is modern and stylish. 

  • Content
    • 1x DanSmoke CECO e-cigarette with 450 mAh battery.
    • 1x Micro USB cable.
  • Specifications
    • Capacity: 450 mAh.
    • Charging time: 1 hour It can be used during charging.
    • Input type: Micro USB (charging cable included).
  • How to use the e-cigarette

    Used only with DanSmoke filters.

    Turns the V9 e-cigarette on and off

    There is no button, the CECO e-cigarette turns on automatically when you vaporize and enters sleep mode when not in use.

    How to charge the e-cigarette

    Insert the charger cable into the battery and connect a USB power source.

    • Do not expose the DanSmoke CECO e-cigarette to high temperatures.
    • All e-cigarette products and accessories must be kept away from children.
    • If you are sensitive to nicotine, please consult a doctor or switch to a milder or nicotine-free e-liquid.
    • To avoid short circuits, avoid putting certain components lose in your pocket or bag.
    • Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
    • Avoid cleaning the charger accessories with damp paper or cloth.
    Warranty: 30 days Read our terms and conditions for more information.