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Desert V7 Filter (3 x 1.5 ml)

Desert V7 Filter (3 x 1.5 ml)

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Product Description

Experience the rich tradition of Turkish tobacco with the Desert V7 Filter (3 x 1.5 ml), a premium choice for vapers seeking a strong, full-bodied experience. This blend stands as a tribute to the complexity and satisfaction of Turkish tobacco, offering a robust, smooth flavor that defies the expectations of a typical light vape. Perfect for those in pursuit of an authentic 'man's cigarette' vaping profile, the Desert V7 Filter delivers a taste that is both commanding and immersive.

Product Features:

  • Authentic Turkish Tobacco Flavor: Each Desert V7 pack contains 3 filters, filled with 1.5 ml of our meticulously crafted e-liquid. This special blend perfectly encapsulates the essence of genuine Turkish tobacco, providing a powerful, yet smooth taste with every draw.
  • Optimally Balanced Blend: The 50/50 PG/VG ratio ensures a harmonious mix of substantial vapor production and intense flavor depth, guaranteeing a fulfilling vaping session every time.
  • Premium Quality Ingredients: Made with superior vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, rich tobacco essence, nicotine, and an array of select flavors, the Desert V7 Filter is designed for vapers who appreciate complexity and quality in their choice of tobacco flavor.

The Desert V7 Filter is not just a choice but a journey into the heart of Turkish tobacco's storied heritage, offering a commanding taste that resonates with every puff. Embrace the boldness of the Desert V7 Filter and let it elevate your vaping to new heights of satisfaction and authenticity.

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