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Sweet Strawberry V9 Filter (3 x 1.5 ml)

Sweet Strawberry V9 Filter (3 x 1.5 ml)

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Product Description

Indulge in the sweet symphony of our Sweet Strawberry V9 Filter (3 x 1.5 ml), where each puff is a celebration of the lush, vibrant taste of freshly picked strawberries. This exquisite e-liquid goes beyond mere imagination, offering a tangible experience of biting into a creamy, succulent strawberry dessert. The vivid sweetness and rich, fulfilling essence of ripe strawberries are captured in every drop, setting a new standard for berry-flavored e-liquids.

Product Features:

  • Distinctive Blend Composition: This set includes 3 filters, each with 1.5 ml of our exquisitely formulated e-liquid, designed to provide an extraordinary taste sensation.
  • Optimized PG/VG Ratio: With a perfect 50/50 PG/VG blend, we achieve a harmonious balance that enhances the true, vibrant strawberry flavor while ensuring robust vapor production.
  • Superior Ingredients: Comprised of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, a subtle touch of tobacco flavor, nicotine, and a selection of other premium flavors, the Sweet Strawberry V9 Filter is tailor-made for enthusiasts who savor the joy of dessert-inspired vaping.

This product is a celebration of innovation, delivering the lush, full-bodied essence of strawberries in a way that enchants the senses and sets a new benchmark for berry-flavored e-liquids. Perfect for those who cherish the sweetness of life and the richness of a well-crafted vape, the Sweet Strawberry V9 Filter invites you to savor each moment with a taste that's as vibrant and fulfilling as nature itself.

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