V4 DanSmoke® Vaporiser

At 950 mAh, the V4 Vaporiser is our best e-cigarette that gives you a vast amount of vape with each drag. It allows you to vape with DanSmoke using our e-liquids for the first time ever. The next generation of DanSmoke has just begun.

  • A powerful DanSmoke e-cigarette with 950 mAh capacity. For the first time ever, you can vape using our new e-liquids. Welcome to the next generation of DanSmoke.

    Can be fully recharged in 2-3 hours.

    Every recharge gives 350+ drags.

    You get a vast amount of vape with each drag.

    Liquid tank capacity: 2 ml.

    The V4 DanSmoke Vaporiser uses a built-in automated overheating protection.

    You can recharge the V4 with our standard USB charger (included in this product).

    Available with a blue LED light.

    Leak-free and child-proof.

    Warranty: 30 days. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.